some big news

I can't remeber when and how but few month ago I had that idea to upcycle old mens shirts and make pretty casual bags with that fabric. May be because men shirts look so fancy and they are often thrown away because of colar and cuffs.

I collect shirts I like from second hand shops, wash them in a machine and iron. After that I do this:

I am satisfied with te result beacuse of few reasons:
1. It's eco friendly because it is re-used.
2. They look fun with this buttons on the front.
3. It is original.
4. Every tote is one of a kind because I can't find to same shirts. The chance is very little.
5. They are useful. If you don't use them like everyday bag it still can be used for shopping.
6. It can be worn by a guy or a girl.

So while shooting my summer lookbook I made few photos of my new totes. I only have 4 of them recently. When I was in my sewing mood I sew up like a dozen of them. But gave them to my Mom and friends so that is what is left. -)

UPD. I don't make these bags anymore.


  1. very cute - I'm going to try to make one!

  2. Great idea! I like the buttons too.
    I am collecting cotton skirts from thrift stores
    to make bags.

  3. Love the idea! I really like that blue bag <3

  4. KMS, cool! It's harder to find a great skirt suitable for making bags than a shirt

  5. great bags:D
    and now i just have to find some old shirt to do it.

  6. I made one of these today. It's been on my list of things to make forever, and I finally got around to it. Thnx for the great idea!

  7. These are fabulous, definitely gonna give them a go :) Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are wonderful, I am going to make one this weekend.

  9. Great idea. I think I'll give it a try myself. I have an old shirt of my grandpa's just sitting in a closet. What a great way to remember him!

  10. Awesome! I made some just like these!! Great minds think alike!

  11. Love them!! Great idea!!! I'm going to try it!!

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