Made it to front page!

Today the treasury I was featured in made it to the etsy.com front page! very happy ) I got a lot of views and likes )


christmas in july

first i wasn't going to participate
but since etsy started promoting it very hard
i decided to reduce prices for some items

The sale will be on till the end of July.

Chears )


some big news

I can't remeber when and how but few month ago I had that idea to upcycle old mens shirts and make pretty casual bags with that fabric. May be because men shirts look so fancy and they are often thrown away because of colar and cuffs.

I collect shirts I like from second hand shops, wash them in a machine and iron. After that I do this:

I am satisfied with te result beacuse of few reasons:
1. It's eco friendly because it is re-used.
2. They look fun with this buttons on the front.
3. It is original.
4. Every tote is one of a kind because I can't find to same shirts. The chance is very little.
5. They are useful. If you don't use them like everyday bag it still can be used for shopping.
6. It can be worn by a guy or a girl.

So while shooting my summer lookbook I made few photos of my new totes. I only have 4 of them recently. When I was in my sewing mood I sew up like a dozen of them. But gave them to my Mom and friends so that is what is left. -)

UPD. I don't make these bags anymore.



The frosted button is currently hosting my giveaway. The winner will receive a set of earrings by their choice )

To take part go

Adding a picture to attract your attention )

p/s/ there are many giveaway there


my summer look book

this photoset i shooted with my friend Vika (she is a model)
it will serve me as a lookbook this summer
Vika wears some covered button earrings and hair accessories i will add to my isheshop later
but what i am really excited about - it is a jacket covered with brooches of different sizes and colors


perfect match

as i often say i'm not a fan of matching sets, i mean wearing by myself
i prefer combining everything by myself rather than agreeing to somebodys choice
but creating sets is my passion -)

mother's day (by the way why so many different dates?) is a great opportunity
i created these for mother's day
my mom loves it )
i made this 4 designs and i plan making more
by the way the first one made it to the etsy front page 2 (!) times -)
take a look in my shop, till the 8th of may there will be a special price )


spring is great ! 


collecting tutorials - 2: paper moneybox

Easy to make with children.
Easy to make for children.

I would also add that's possible to use many many layers to make it thick and then cover with 2-3 covers of white paper and paint it on your own.

yummy yummy rainbow fabrics

So I've bought some new fabrics. They look delicious.
Most of them are colourful cottons which look great on earrings. It's really hard these days to buy some awesome fabrics. Can't wait to try them on. And to see what will be people's favourites - you never know!

I've alredy made some new earrings and sets so check out it on etsy.
And it's gonna be more.

P.S. In fact I don't want to use them so I they stay new and cool forever -)


collecting tutorials

i love tutorials
here is one awesome and easy
and if you have children - that's a good way to spend time with them )



the first of all - blogger Scootchidootoo is hosting a giveaway! winner choices one item fom my etsy shop ISHESHOP
there is time till Wednesday to check if you're lucky )

on saturday I went to a flea market to find some cool vintage things
still didn't find anything )

but made some photos

I was impressed more by a zoo market that's near )


A bit dissapointed with no finds and no puppies bought ! A a a a they are so cute... I found a package in my mailbox with vintage supplies I bought a week ago. American vintage is much more interesting that post-soviet     one that can be found on our Kiev flea market Kurenevka. Here is a glimpse.


it's a matter of taste

you know i make such lovely items
sunny girly bright

but sometimes i need something scary
and dark

that's one ofmy treasuries i made recently on etsy